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Because of my adverse views, I have been portrayed as a critic of award winners. As such, being an Anam, I have never ran after awards nor have made lobby for it using my position or nexus. But, after writing for half a century I have developed my distinct views which I can’t stop or suppress.

For some reason or the other, Sahitya Akademi award has been taken seriously as a literary recognition. Sahitya Akademi used to award authors in the recognised Indian Languages. Then, award for translation was added. During the time of Sunil Gangopadhyay, Sahitya Akademi began giving separate awards for Children’s Literature and to outstanding young authors. I was a member of the committee for institution of these two awards.

To get a Sahitya Akademi award is a great recognition . Our country has almost a billion of authors and there are many small and big awards for recognising their talents. Nobody should get a Sahitya Akademi award twice.

Now since Women’s Writing has been considered as a distinct genre,Sahitya Akademi should institute an award in that field too in all Indian languages. Writing by Children and young adults should also be awarded. Besides, if a senior author doesn’t get Sahitya Akademi award by the age of 60, there should be a mechanism to honour the senior authors with a plaque and a certificate of appreciation like a Hall of Fame.But, once in this Hall of Fame, the concerned authors should not be considered for any Sahitya Akademi award in whatever genre.

This will not only stop the anomaly, but also the unnecessary dishonour and disgust among senior citizens who are genuine authors . The country has responsibility to honour art and culture.

Political patronage and interference should stop in the consideration of Literature. Sahitya Akademi should now act as a watchdog and not as a puppet or pimp. In nutshell, all Akademis should award in the following categories:

1. Children
2. Women
3. Youth
4. Adults
5.Senior Citizens
6. Intra Indian language Translation or trans creation .

I invite reaction from all quarters in this regard as very soon I will write an article in this regard. Prizes are always conditioned.
A genuine writer does not run after it.

Strange but true. Many winners of translation awards of Sahitya Akademi this year don’t know the language from which they have translated. They have translated from English or Hindi.

I wrote a week ago : The world has witnessed that many deserving creative artists have not got their due honour in their lifetime and there have been awards  with research chairs instituted on their works after they died. Leo Tolstoy, Ezra Pound, Sarat Chandra and Chinua Achebe are some burning examples.

Today’s comedy: Finally, after half a century , a youngster could grab a big award ! Shame, shame…latest literary scam of Odisha!!

I dream of a world where there will be no fight on religion, citizenship or resources. I long for a visa- passport free world where people can fly like birds. Is it possible ? This is the objective of Sanatan..

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