High Speed Caster No 6 In SMS 2 Sets New Record Once Again

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It has been a month of records for SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s Steel Melting Shop 2. The high speed Caster No 6 of SMS 2 once again set a new record of 40 heats in a single sequence on 16th Dec 22 as against tundish guaranteed life of 17 heats, surpassing previous best of 37 heats achieved on 14th December 2022. Earlier on 10th Dec 22, Caster 6 had produced 36 heats in a single sequence, surpassing previous best of 35 heats achieved on 6th December 2022.

The record performances have been made possible by Caster 6 Team through high levels of operational efficiency. The team was congratulated by CGM, SMS 2, Shri SK Ghoshal and other senior officers of the Plant. On 14th December when Caster 6 had produced 37 heats, a ceremonial cake was cut in presence of CGM, SMS 2 and members of the Caster 6 Team to celebrate the achievement.

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