Initiative for environment protection by reuse of waste plastic granules in Coke oven batteries at bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai

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Shri Anirban Dasgupta, Director In Charge, BSP inaugurated the ‘Plastic bead charging facility’ at Coal Handling Plant-II of Coke Ovens on 23/12/2022 in the presence of Shri Nirvik Banerjee, Executive Director, Research & Development Centre for Iron & Steel (RDCIS), Shri Anjani Kumar, Executive Director (Works), BSP, Shri A K Chakraborty, Executive Director (Materials Management), BSP and Shri S.Mukhopadhyay, Executive Director (Projects), BSP and other senior officials.

This facility has been installed with in-house resources by CO&CCD department in consultation with RDCIS, SAIL and is aimed at blending of waste plastics in the form of granules along with coal in coke making process. After the inauguration by Director In Charge, BSP, Shri Anirban Dasgupta the charging of plastic granules started with the press of the button by ED (Works), BSP, Shri Anjani Kumar. Team from RDCIS and CO&CCD explained the process in detail.

In this process, the plastics granules do not burn but decompose in the coking chamber along with the carbonisation of coal, in the absence of air at high temperature.  This helps in recycling of large amount of waste plastic in the existing coke oven batteries with no adverse effect on the environment, and added advantage of better coke properties.

This facility is started at a small scale on experimental basis.  During the experiment, environmental parameters and coke properties shall be monitored for viability of the process on large scale.

Management of the waste created by discarded used plastic items, especially the ones that cannot be re-cycled has become a challenging task.  Considering the severity of plastic pollution and adverse effect on environment, BSP, has taken up the challenging task of use of waste plastic granules by its addition with coal in Coke Oven Batteries with joint efforts from team of RDCIS, CO&CCD, Environment Mgmt Dept, RCL, TSD, Finance, MM of BSP. The occasion was graced by Shri. Tapas Dasgupta CGM I/c (Iron), Shri Asit Saha CGM I/c (M&U), Shri P K Sarkar CGM I/c (Services), Shri Tarun Kanrar CGM (CO&CCD and RED), Shri S K Kar CGM (SMS-3&RCL), Shri Tapan Kumar CGM (MM), Shri D L Moitra CGM (EnMD), Shri Saumya Tokdar CGM (BF) and other senior officials and employees of BSP.

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