New HT cables for Sec-9 hospital emergency supply charged

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New HT cables have been laid & successfully charged to ensure emergency power supply for JLN hospital. There is an arrangement for extending PP-2 supply to SAIL-BSP’s JLN hospital to take care of hospital emergency loads in case of grid failure. Due to obsolete and fault prone paper insulated HT supply cables from TSS-2 to TDS-2 and the inaccessibility of the underground cable route at various locations along Utai Road, fault finding and repair of the cables had become very difficult and time consuming, severely affecting the reliability of hospital emergency supply.

To strengthen the feeder and ensure reliability of emergency supply to hospital, around 6.6kms of obsolete and fault prone paper insulated HT cables from TSS-2 to TDS-2 has been successfully replaced with new XLPE cables through an alternate and safer cable route by Power Systems Department (PSD).

The new cables were successfully charged on 2nd December 2022 from TSS-2 in presence of Sri PK Sarkar CGM I/c (Services), Sri Asit Saha CGM I/c (M&U) and Sri SV Nandanwar CGM (TSD&CSR). Senior officers from PSD, ETL, CRME and TEED were also present on the occasion. The job was successfully and safely executed by PSD team led by Sri Ravindra Kumar GM (PSD). Other members of the PSD team; Messrs V. Anil, Ankit Gupta, Lakshman Rao, BK Baghel, Kumbhlal, Anand Rajwar and Vikash Kumar were also present on the occasion.

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