Over 200 Junior Management Executives Attend SAIL’s Nishchay Safety Initiative Workshop for Inspirational Safety Leadership

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More than 200 Executives in junior management level have been covered in 8 batches under a series of workshops held on ‘Inspirational Safety Leadership’ under Nishchay Safety initiative of SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant(RSP). Experts from Earnest and Young, the consulting agency conducted the sessions.

The aim of the workshops is to produce accident free steel by strengthening the Safety culture of the organisation where Safety would be an integral part of every functional aspect. In order to realize this, the Inspirational Safety Leadership workshop has been designed to cater to front line managers, Middle Level Management and Senior Level Management.

200 Junior Management Executives Attend SAIL
200 Junior Management Executives Attend SAIL

The sessions emphasised upon certain key points of the revised Safety Policy of SAIL, RSP. It encouraged each participants to reflect on one’s own purpose and belief to understand and manage the safety paradox with regard to the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Various models and theories were addressed like Risk Management Funnel, Matter of Probability, Swiss Cheese Model, Hierarchy of Control inverse pyramid, Management Commitment Theory, Safety Governance Structure to assess self on the basis of Inspirational Leadership Skills. The sessions were supplement with audio visual clips, psychological games, exercises and assessment tools.

The training is coordinated by Mr. Ashok Panda, GM Incharge (Safety), Mr. Abkash Behera, GM (Safety) and the team from Safety Engineering Department.

This series for junior management which commenced on 9th January, aims to cover more than 700 executives in this group by mid February.

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